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6G-life will drive cutting-edge research for 6G communication networks with a focus on human-machine collaboration. 6G-life provides new approaches for sustainability, security, resilience and latency and will sustainably strengthen the economy and thus digital sovereignty in Germany.

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August 31, 2022 in Event

Workshop on Entanglement Assisted Communication Networks

June 19 - 23, 2023 I
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August 17, 2022 in Event

Thinknet 6G Summit

September 16, 2022 I The Thinknet 6G Summit brings together top class speakers from...
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July 21, 2022 in Event

European Wireless 2022

September 19 -22, 2022 | European Wireless (EW) is a key venue for European and worldwide researchers to be acquainted with the latest trends in wireless communications and networking. The…
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July 21, 2022 in Event

Robotics Festival 2022

September 13 -15, 2022 | The Robotics Festival gathers a curated crowd of forward-thinking industry leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs who are truly passionate about robotics and its uplifting potential in…
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Who we are


TU Dresden and the Technical University of Munich have joined forces to form the 6G-life research hub to drive cutting-edge research for future 6G communication networks with a focus on human-machine collaboration. The merger of the two universities of excellence combines their world-leading preliminary work in the field of Tactile Internet in the Cluster of Excellence CeTI, 5G communication networks, quantum communication, Post-Shannon theory, artificial intelligence methods, and adaptive and flexible hardware and software platforms.

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TU Dresden
TU Dresden is one of eleven German Universities of Excellence, which have received funding within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments since 1 November 2019.
The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence. The TUM Clusters of Excellence seek answers to highly topical scientific questions.

6G-life Projects

Initial projects are being prepared. More details available soon.

News and Events

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Partner Network

The network is growing. See who is already involved.

Why did we start 6G-life?

6G-life will provide new approaches for sustainability, such as the Post-Shannon theory, to decouple the relationship between data volumes and energy consumption as far as possible. 6G-life will provide new concepts for security (quantum communication, post quantum security and protocols) and for resilience (artificial intelligence methods to control in-network computing, resilience against denial-of-service attacks). Current latencies in communication networks are still too high for critical use cases. 6G-life will provide solutions for this.


6G-life will significantly stimulate industry and the startup landscape in Germany through positive showcase projects and thus sustainably strengthen digital sovereignty in Germany. Test fields for two use cases will drive research and economic stimulation. The goal is to create at least 10 new startups through 6G-life in the first four years and to involve at least 30 startups. 6G-life will significantly contribute to the creation of a skilled workforce. In addition, 6G-life has set itself the task of accompanying the population in the digital transformation and thus making a contribution to society.


Communication network architectures in 6G-life are numerous such as:
  • Cellular networks with Campus and HAP extensions
  • Tactile Internet including Quantum Communication
  • Body Area Networks


6G-life is investigating novel methods for communication networks that are based on:
  • Post Shannon Theory
  • AI for network control and new services
  • Protocol and Codec Design for Human-Machine Collaboration


Communication networks and equipment are nowadays dominated by Software. 6G-life works on:
  • In-network computing and ORAN
  • 6G application in virtual worlds (digital twins and holograms)
  • Low latency and energy compiler and OS design


Novel hardware concepts for future needs and applications will be introduced in 6G-life:
  • New materials for robotics and humans in virtual worlds
  • Joint Sensing and Communication
  • Flexible energy saving

6G-life Hub

The network of partners is continuously extended.

“Knowledge builds bridges”

TU Dresden is one of the top universities in Germany and Europe: strong in research and considered first-rate with respect to the range and the quality of the study programmes it offers, it is also closely interconnected with culture, business and society.

As a modern comprehensive, multi-discipline university and with its 18 faculties in five schools it has a broad and diverse scientific spectrum that only few other universities in Germany are able to match. The large campus family of the TU Dresden is comprised of 32,400 students and approximately 8,300 employees – among them 600 professors. With 121 degree courses the TU Dresden offers a full range of studies, as a basis for interdisciplinary learning and research.

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“We inspire, promote and develop talents”

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Europe’s top universities. It is committed to excellence in research and teaching, interdisciplinary education and the active promotion of promising young scientists. The university also forges strong links with companies and scientific institutions across the world.

TUM was one of the first universities in Germany to be named a University of Excellence. Moreover, TUM regularly ranks among the best European universities in international rankings. As a leading entrepreneurial university, we are a site of global knowledge exchange, shaping the future with talent, excellence and responsibility.

CampusGenius builds and operates 5G campus networks. The transportable 5G-SA system and the dedicated 5G compliant GeniusCore allow deploying dedicated private 5G mobile networks, fitting to the requirements of all customer applications.
Campus networks offer new possibilities to foster automation and digitalization by providing large bandwidth, ultra low latency and connectivity for massive number of devices in wireless communications. CampusGenius also develops solutions for softwarization of mobile networks from Core to RAN.

Meshmerize develops reliable connectivity solutions for dynamic industrial applications, based on wireless mesh networks. The novel multi path routing of Meshmerize allows it to quickly adapt to network changes that may either be caused by mobility or environmental changes, both of which are becoming increasingly prevalent in the growing Industry 4.0 use cases. Although currently Meshmerize is predominantly used for AGV connectivity in automated warehouses, there is a plethora of possibilities to use Meshmerize in other industries including mining, connected cars, public safety and agricultural machinery.

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Wandelbots is a company from Dresden, which has set itself the goal to democratize the robotics industry. Wandelbots’ products enable everyone to teach robots quickly, easily and cost-effectively – without any technical expertise or programming skills. Thanks to Wandelbots revolutionary TracePen the use of industrial robots has never been easier. The user performs the activity the robot is supposed to learn in an exemplary manner, with a wireless pen in his hand. The robot’s movements are recorded in real time in space and the intelligent software converts them into automation scripts for robots – regardless of their platform. Thanks to interchangeable tips, the technology can be used flexibly for various applications, such as deburring, pick & place, gluing or welding. Designed as a complete solution, the TracePen already contains all components required by the user. This also includes a tablet with an app as an intuitive user interface that guides the user in five simple steps from setup to immediately executable, manufacturer-specific code.

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Groundbreaking research is at the core of all that we do at Mimetik. We design a technology that helps to interact with millions of devices without long manuals and trainings. An intuitive interaction with machines is a main principle in all stages of Mimetik product design.
​Our product gives an eyesight to machines by analysing hand movements. We avoid mediators like keyboard, mouse, joystick, tablet. Machines understand a human directly by watching the hand movements through our gloves. They are not prone to an occlusion like cameras. A person has full freedom of movement, not limited by wires or a working zone.
Our software is a brain making understand what the gloves see. Complex and detailed trajectories of multiple sensors are interpreted as actions using artificial intelligence. Highly dense tactile sensors measure the pressure in each point of fingers and palm to give a full understanding of objects in touch. Visual, sound and tactile feedback gives you a comforting support whatever you do.
​We interpret the hand movements creating an action list. And you can use this list for automated documentation of manual labour, for increasing security, for cooperation with robots, and also for E-Learning.

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Enari Logo

Enari GmbH is developing a cloud-based software platform for Human-in-the-Loop Computing. It is our goal to understand and anticipate movements of human beings to take Human-Machine-Interaction to a new level.
We follow innovative approaches to integrate sensors and actuators on the user and component, as well as distributed processing in a local cloud and a classical server backend.
As all applications are realised with the lowest latency possible – meaning in real time – we are acting in close contact with research in the area of tactile internet. This includes acquisition, transmission and processing of data, as well as the corresponding feedback to the user. Furthermore we are working on developing new materials and manufacturing processes in the area of extreme lightweight construction.

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olive Robotics Logo

Oliverobotics develops a novel generation of modular robotic components that can be put together in a plug&play manner. Users can prototype and test their system completely in a digital twin simulation environment, before building the real-world counterpart. Olive Robotics manages an asset store where users can buy, share or sell assets for the robotic modules. The provided assets support a wide variety of low-level and application-oriented functions covering control, sensing and actuation. The Olive Robotics communication modules provide the desired connectivity to access points, processing nodes or cloud servers. While Olive Robotics initially targets the EdTech market and provides educational kits that can be used to teach robotics or swarm intelligence at schools or universities, the technology is of interest in any context where rapid robotic prototyping and validation is required.

poweron logo

PowerON is a deep tech start-up that will fundamentally change robotics as we know it. Our goal is to drive the evolution of robots from noisy, stiff, inflexible and cumbersome assembly line workers to silent, compliant, flexible and agile everyday helpers, using our smart elastic materials that are based on flexible carbon and silicone composites.
Traditional robotic equipment is inflexible, typically customized for a specific product or task, therefore requiring constant retooling or replication of production/packaging lines. Additionally, safety issues are inhibiting the use of robots working in the same spaces as humans.
PowerON’s patented switch technology provides the fundamental building block for completely flexible and compliant electronics with built in safety features. Applications range from soft sensors through flexible actuators to bionic internal reflexes and soft material computing.

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aero LiFi from Wessling near Munich develops LiFi (Light Fidelity) and VLC (Visual Light Communication) technology to change the world of connectivity. Using light as a medium for high speed wireless data transmission helps to overcome the drawbacks of conventional, radio frequency based data transmission (WiFi). aero Lifi can build on many years of experience in the aeronautic sector, including: lighting- and connectivity systems development, product and system integration, qualification and certification as well as innovation and technology management.

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Cadami Logo

Cadami is a Munich (Germany) based company that provides solutions for wireless video streaming and content distribution.
Since 2015, Cadami is creating, promoting, and licensing intellectual property rights and software solutions that help to reduce network overload and increase video quality in high-traffic areas and at peak times.
Cadami is a spin-off company based on research at TU München. For more information on cadami, please visit the Cadami website.

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Veiio is a spin–off project of TU Dresden developing a digital assistant for the next generation of personalised and tangible physiotherapy.
Staying fit through health apps is a growing trend more than ever. But despite videos and instructions, a crucial part that contributes to training success is missing. The haptic guidance of a trainer or therapist during the execercise. Especially in physiotherapy, this element is essential for the correct execution of the exercise and a sustainable recovery of the patient. veiio closes this gap with intelligent clothing that uses vibrotactile feedback. This tangible feedback guides patients through personalised exercises, making it easy to follow therapist’s instructions even at home. This should not only increase the success of therapy, but also make therapy accessible to patients wherever they are. Equipped with integrated sensors and actuators, the veiio shirt analyzes the patient’s movements and provides real-time vibrotactile feedback. This allows 2 out of 3 physiotherapy treatments to take place remotely at home. Thus, our assistant consisting of an app and a shirt can save precious time for physiotherapists and patients. With the help of the collected data, therapy measures can be individually tailored to the patient and can also be used for the prevention of long-term diseases.

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