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Christof Fetzer

Title: Prof. Dr.
6G-life Position: Principal Investigator
University: TU Dresden – Systems Engineering, Institute of Systems Architecture
Phone: +49 351 463-39709
Google Scholar:
Work Packages: WP 2.1 In-Network Computing / Cloud , WP 2.2 Programming models and resource management , WP 2.3 Algorithms and Digital Twin , WP 3.5 Adaptive microelectronics and network hardware , WP 4.4 Test fields

Christof Fetzer received his Ph.D. from UC San Diego (1997). In 1999 Prof. Fetzer joined AT&T Labs-Research and was a principal member of technical staff until March 2004. Since April 2004, he is the head of the Systems Engineering Chair in the Computer Science Department at the Dresden University of Technology. He is also the chair of the Distributed Systems Engineering International Masters Program at the Computer Science Department. Prof. Fetzer has published over 270 research papers in the field of dependable systems as well as cloud security. The scientific focus of Prof. Fetzer is the efficient operation and execution of confidential applications in zero trust environments. His research revolves around the question how can one provide functional safety and data confidentiality to protect the intellectual property of data that is processed in untrustworthy environments. This also targets the protection against nowadays supply chain attacks on hardware and software.