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Jonas Fuchtmann

Title: M.Sc.
6G-life Position: PhD Researcher
University: TU Munich – Chair of Research Group Minimally invasive Interdisciplinary Therapeutical Interventions
Phone: 089 4140 7386
Work Packages: WP 4.2. Medicine

Woking at MITI Research Group of the University Hospital rechts der Isar for more than three years, I already gained experience during multiple successful projects. Our research thereby focuses on technical assistive systems for surgical workflows and the surrounding domains. I studied mechanical engineering with a focus on medical technology at TU-Munich and the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. Additionally, I’m currently pursuing a degree in medicine. In the past, I was working for the multinational healthcare company Hoffmann-La Roche AG as well as for the Munich based medical 3D-printing company Kumovis. My interests are in the fields of telemedicine and applied machine learning within the operating room.