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Swaraj Shekhar Nande

Title: M.Sc.
6G-life Position: PhD Researcher
University: TU Dresden –  Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks
Phone: 01777731080
Work Packages: WP 1.2 Quantum communication, WP4.4 Test fields.

Swaraj Shekhar Nande is a PhD researcher at The Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks, TU Dresden. He is currently working on “Quantum Synchronisation Techniques to reduce the synchronisation errors in 6G” as it happens in the case of the precision time protocol (PTP). Swaraj’s research interest focuses on the implementation of Quantum Mechanical Techniques for Quantum Communication and Quantum Internet applications. He completed his five year Integrated Master’s Degree major in Physics at ISERC, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan in 2021 . He did his master’s project on “The study of Optical Nonlinearities in various multilevel atomic systems” at CSIR-NPL, New Delhi in Non-linear Quantum Optics. After finishing his Master’s Degree in India, he worked as a Guest Scientist in the field of Theoretical Quantum Optics at Helmholtz Institute Jena, Germany