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Workshop on post-Shannon, molecular communication and semantic communication theory in Braunschweig

The Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig recently hosted an exciting workshop from 28 February to 1 March. This transformative event delved into the realms of post-Shannon theory, molecular communication and semantic communication, ushering in a new era of exploration and innovation.

Spanning a wide range of topics, the workshop offered participants discussions on identification theory, joint generation of randomness, the information age and the revolutionary field of molecular communication. Enthusiasts and experts gathered at TU Braunschweig to unravel the mysteries of these expanding fields.

A highlight of the workshop was the interesting lecture given by Shun Watanabe, a luminary in the field and esteemed recipient of the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Award for the 2023-2024 term. Watanabe’s insights gave participants a first-hand look at the latest advances and future trajectories in the field of communication.

The collaborative spirit of the workshop was evident through its joint organisation by 6G-life and 6G-RIC, two pioneering entities at the forefront of shaping the next generation of communication technologies.