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Title: Dipl. -Ing.
6G-life Position: PhD Researcher
University: TU Dresden – Chair of Industrial Design Engineering
Phone: +49 15256298595
Work Packages: WP 2.3 AI, Algorithms and Digital Twin, WP 4.2 Medicine, WP 4.3 Human-machine interaction

Yichen Fan graduated from the Chair of Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden with a Dipl. -Ing. Degree in 2021 and is currently working there as a research associate. During study, he has gathered industry experiences at AUDI as an Intern working on design feasibly for automobile exterior and at Mimetik as a freelance product designer for concept development and prototyping. In his research, he designed and developed an award-winning training system with novel pneumatic driven tactile feedback for laparoscopic surgery. Within the 6G-life hub, Yichen focuses on bringing the user-centred design approach to research fields such as digital human twins, raising the usability and acceptance of advanced technologies for future medical applications and human-machine interaction.